ProductiveFirefox.com is the new home of our Firefox extensions (currently, GTDInbox and MeeTimer). It is a central location for the extensions, any news about them, as well as any other ramblings related to Firefox and/or productivity.

So, what is happening here?
First, after too long out, we will resurrect the GTDInbox website. MeeTimer is imminently due a new release (better logging; and now does deterrents); and GTDInbox is in for a complete rewrite to eliminate speed issues, improve the UI, and add some new functionality to ease your life in Gmail.

Is there any time limit?
The new release of MeeTimer is finished and currently being tested. GTDInbox v2 has begun, but as the last version took 4 months at 2 days a week (and I now have significantly less freetime), it may be a little while coming (late August).
We also have an additional Firefox project in the works – something I’m very excited about getting to use myself – but more on that once GTDInbox is out the door.


This was written by Andy Mitchell