It seems Mozilla has changed their policies, and now require user reviews of the new version of MeeTimer (0.21) before they’ll make it public. So, it’s going to take a bit of community effort to help get MeeTimer to a larger audience, if you’ll be so kind…

For those in the know, this means logging into Mozilla Addons in sandbox mode, clicking Add Review (and make sure once again you’re in Sandbox mode – click the link next to searchbox). Sound unbearably complex? Try this guide, or read on.

Apparently they will also accept blog post reviews, so if you find the Mozilla Addon system too much work, you could write a review on your blog.

Mozilla does additionally stipulate – they’re really not making this easy – that the reviews must be informative!

Once we get a few in, I’ll resubmit (and be very grateful!).

* Update
Apparently they’re prepared to make it Public on the back of the original Lifehacker review. Nonetheless, it would be great to have some good reviews (if you like it of course) to help others make up their mind!


This was written by Andy Mitchell