Okay, in light of the death of our old blog, I’ve had to create a new post for our GTDInbox appeal.

For all welcome newcomers, a quick recap…
The Fundraiser came about because I wanted to find a way to keep GTDInbox going; and raising some cash was the best way of doing it. So far the cash raised has spawned MeeTimer, the fancy new webdesign you see here, and of course, set the ball rolling for not just GTDInbox 1.4, but a brand new v2.

The target was set at $5000, and we were careful to stipulate that you should donate not on some promise of future improvements, but because you love what it’s already doing.

So how is it doing?

The donations received were fantastic; but we never actually reached $5000 (I don’t have the precise figure, but I think we got close, around $4000-$4500); and in the last few weeks – since the redesign actually – they’ve all but dried up.

It would be truly great to get back on track and have the community reach its target!

But hang on, you’ve already said you’re doing GTDInbox v2, didn’t you?

I did, and I am! But these extensions are still only a sideline – and so they suffer priority wise. Hitting the target is a great way to justify a bit more focus. I.e. get it out sooner!

Surely GTDInbox can make better money than donations?

I’m sure it could too; but that’s not really the aim right now. And, donations are a great way to make things happen as a community – something where everyone can be part of making it real. Maybe in the future an actual revenue model will be found to maintain GTDInbox as a ‘proper’ product; but for now lets enjoy the spirit of something a little rough, ready and loved for what it is.

Now what?

Hop over to the Donate page, and once you’re there, click the Paypal icon to quickly donate.

Of course only do this if you really do like GTDInbox. That’s really the heart of it! GTDInbox just wants a chance to make you more productive, to save you time, to make you smile 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell