Chad Mounteny, someone who has been using GTDInbox for a long time, wrote a great tip on setting up Gmail & Firefox so you can an ’email’ account and a ‘task’ account.

So, over to Chad…

As mention in your FAQ,  when you’re using a separate email for your GTD tasks you’ll run into problem of having to log in and out of gmail accounts, slowing down your workflow. You suggest using ‘Portable Firefox’, which is a great idea, but I found that you can’t still have another instance of firefox running while you’re running your customized GTD instance. I thought about it a little bit and pieced together a way of doing that works a measure cleaner than the ‘Portable Firefox’ solution.

-Run: firefox.exe -createprofile gtd

-Create a new shortcut in the location bar type: “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” -no-remote -p gtd

-Now take the shortcut and place in on the desktop, the start menu, quicklaunch bar, or where ever.

-Run it and then log into the gmail account that you’re using for GTDinbox, check the ‘remember me box’, also select ‘remember’ at the firefox password manager prompt

-Goto view and remove all the extra toolbars to clean up the window (since you won’t be navigating anywhere else really anyways)

-Set Gmail as your homepage

Since the ‘-no-remote’ flag was enabled when firefox was ran it allows it to be ran as a second instance. That way you can continue browsing and working with your default firefox profile as well

When you need to add a task, just run the GTD profile shortcut and you can quickly have your inbox at hand without having to close any other firefoxes you have running.


This was written by Andy Mitchell