Quite a few of you have been kind enough to email me about this – thank you!

Gmail has started it’s global roll out of updates, that includes a complete UI rewrite (at least behind the scenes); completely flumoxing GTDInbox. In fairness to Google, they gave due notice on this; but not the exact date it would happen… so I’ve been caught with my pants down, figuratively speaking.

At the moment, if you want to continue to use GTDInbox, you can switch Gmail back to it’s Old Version, at which point it’ll work again.

I’ll be taking the tail end of this week to tackle the first release of version 2, which will of course work with the new Gmail.

Developments, announcements and early versions will be available on this blog – so you can subscribe on the right hand side (where, incidently, you can also donate 😉 ).

Let’s get cracking!


This was written by Andy Mitchell