Time for a little status update on GTDInbox v2.

For a quick recap, GTDInbox v2 was always going to be a complete re-write to resolve the fundamental problems v1 has (speed/ui-glitches), and it was going to be relatively straight forward (!). For I had done my research on the inner-workings of Gmail 1.0…

And then Gmail 2.0 arrived :/
The surface changes may seem rather small; but behind the scenes it is a complete rewrite. I think it’s best summed up by a kindly response I got from Gmail engineer, who, when asked for some insight into the technical details of Gmail 2.0 said something to the effect of, “Andy, not even we’d like to contemplate having to tackle Gmail’s new codebase from the outside… it’s far more complex than it ever was”.

Happily I can report that after an extremely long week, it’s starting to make some progress. The improvements to Gmail mean we can do some much-requested features (like pre-labelling emails/actions when you compose them); the UI is less ‘jumpy’ and everything is very noticeably faster (ironically to be the point of being unnoticeable).

As forewarning, the very first release (GTDInbox 2.0) may have some features cut; but if there is enough demand they will come back. I’m conscious that if features can be dropped, and GTDInbox simplified, it will be better for new users & it will help make GTDInbox more maintainable. Things currently dropped are: Custom-Search and Hipster Print; and Custom-Search is probably gone for good (other extensions do this better).
I’ve also taken some liberties with the Options, essentially creating less choice (and thus less confusion). So, now a ‘Finished’ item will be automatically archived, a starred-items can no longer be used to denote Next Actions. Another advantage to reduced choice is I can focus on making the ‘standard’ way of doing things much more efficient – in usability terms – so your regular GTD processes are more intuitive.

I’m not sure when the first test version will roll; but something will probably go out to existing testers/donators early next week; and then a public beta shortly after.


This was written by Andy Mitchell