Continuing the preview-while-we-wait theme; I wanted to highlight another little treat in GTDInbox v2 that I’m particularly fond of πŸ™‚

I think this is easiest to reveal with an example, so here goes…
When I receive an email, I rack my brains to try & remember if that person has written before… it’s hit & miss at best. Therefore I made GTDInbox capable of, after the conversation is loaded, right clicking their name, choose “Show All Conversations”, and have all existing conversations with them popup in a new window (without moving me away from the conversation).

Similarly, if I’m reading a conversation, and I notice something I want to research deeper in the text, I can do a Gmail search, but have the results shown in a new window – again so I do not have to leave the conversation.

Conceptually, it’s letting you do useful research without disrupting your normal work flow.

Actually, as I’m writing this I’ve just had another thought… say I receive an email from ‘Bob’ that is labelled ‘P/BuildHouse’. It would be neat to be able to quickly see all other conversations I’ve had with Bob about the BuildHouse project. Hmmm…. πŸ˜‰


This was written by Andy Mitchell