Actually that should be a ‘yay, gmail gets coloured labels’, because it’s a planned feature I no longer have to code; but of course, a new Gmail feature means a modified Gmail, which once more broke GTDInbox. (In fact, coming home to GTDInbox tonight was not unlike assessing the collateral damage after a bomb…).

But there is a bigger problem for us here – the Gmail engineers have pledged to update Gmail much more often; which greatly increases the chance of GTDInbox being broken. They have been kind enough to include a light-weight way for developers like me to (safely) work with Gmail’s internals; but it’s currently very limited, and so is not the solution (yet). Hopefully in the future this will help stablise GTDInbox.

Happily though, following tonight’s events I’ve quickly crafted a “rapid-response” solution to automatically repair GTDInbox when Gmail updates. Hopefully this means you’ll never have to witness the emotional rollercoaster that is finding GTDInbox broken (at least not again 😉 ). Famous last words & all that…


This was written by Andy Mitchell