I’m going to start this with an apology, for the momentum on the blog fell away over the last few weeks. The reason is fairly straightforward, a small community of testers on the forum sprung up and have been key to getting GTDInbox through the very rough & ready development period. There are a lot of subscribers on the blog, so I hope you’ll forgive the cowardise, but I was somewhat terrified of several hundred people using the very unstable code 🙂

Now for the good news, GTDInbox 2.0 is very close to public release! This means you should be able to use it and only suffer the occassional error.

A little request, I’d like to keep this ‘off the record’ for a little while longer. By all means tell some friends, but I’d rather it wasn’t blogged about until the 2.0 release.

Okay, there’s no new website yet, so you kind of have to figure things as you go. Essentially, you will either see the UI elements, or you can right click things (or in some cases, shift+click things) to get the rest.

You can download it from, http://gtdinbox.com/changelog.htm
There is a first draft of Getting Started at http://gtdinbox.com/support-gettingstarted.htm
And of course, you can discuss it in the Forum, at http://forum.productivefirefox.com


This was written by Andy Mitchell