At some point last week, there was a Gmail update that was more fundamental than normal, and broke GTDInbox. In retrospect, the fix was pretty small; but it was tricky! I’m hoping – given the nature of this change – that it is a rare occurence. Most Gmail alterations can be very easily dealt with in GTDInbox, so long-term the stability of GTDInbox isn’t at risk.

As a consequence of the Gmail change completely stopping GTDInbox from working, I’ve had to release 1.98 sooner than I would have liked. I wanted to add some more tweaks (like better legibility in certain parts, as requested by Ed Pontius); and I also fear there may still be a few glitches… but I thought on balance it was better to have something that worked rather than nothing at all!

Of course, this does mean I have just one more RC left (1.99) before I run out of digits for testing the real GTDInbox 2 release 😉

Download GTDInbox 2 RC5 (v1.98)


This was written by Andy Mitchell