If you’re reading this on the website, you can’t help but of noticed that http://productivefirefox.com has been visually updated. The old site, while pretty handsome, felt a little home-brewed. All the text on this site has also been revised.

ProductiveFirefox.com has begun using a WordPress plugin called wp-cache; which should make it faster to load, and reduce the chance of the web server dieing under high usage.

Hopefully, this means it stands a better chance of staying operational when GTDInbox 2.0 is released – which I’m trying to make happen by next week. GTDInbox.com (still hideously out of date) will be updated to coincide with that launch, but you can preview it now @ http://gtdinbox.com/newsite/index.html

It looks like things are starting to take shape!


This was written by Andy Mitchell