Ok, that title might be a little grandiose, but bear with me 😉 Continuing the effort to commercialise ProductiveFirefox – to create a sustainable environment for development – a new store has been added. Right now, this is simply a list of products that I have personally bought & would recommend to others – the only difference being if you click on them (and then buy them) ProductiveFirefox gets a little commission. There is also a search box that we will help us if you subsequently go on to make a purchase.
(The store will also be making it’s way into GTDInbox itself).

To top it off, I’ve also added a little AdSense to the forum. I’m not expecting either the Store or the AdSense to bring in any real income – that is still the preserve of the donations – but at the same time it would be negligent of ProductiveFirefox to ignore such low-maintenance revenue opportunities.



This was written by Andy Mitchell