Okay, this isn’t a final release yet and not really ready for public consumption – there are still plenty of loose ends. But, if you want to invite any friends to use it it is now pretty stable!

GTDInbox RC9 (1.99)
This should be much more stable. It has a ton of bug fixes, and has added better handling of Action reviews (it excludes S/Finished), and a prettier Labels box (thanks to Paul Thompson, aka Captbunzo, who I hope will imminently be becoming significantly more involved).
You can download the new release at http://gtdinbox.com/changelog.htm

GTDInbox 2.0 Website – http://gtdinbox.com
The new website is up, mainly to provide lots of support text. I’m pretty sure it’ll need some smoothing over yet; but I wanted to let it breathe before we go public.

As ever, you’re more than welcome to join in at the forum, http://forum.productivefirefox.com


This was written by Andy Mitchell