Hi all,

Just so you know I’m taking a little holiday over the next week (snowboarding in France to be precise!), and so when I don’t reply to emails/the forum you know why 🙂

I’m sure Paul Thomspon (aka Captbunzo) and other forum regulars will be on hand to keep the chatter alive.

When I return, there are several things in the works (over March & April), these include,
* GTDInbox 2’s Official Release (and the beginning of 2.1!)
* MeeTimer’s brand new direction as a tool to actively ‘control’ (not necessarily stop – nothing is forced…) procrastination (should be very cool)
* A super secret project that’s been underway since before Christmas, but got held back due to GTDInbox taking so much longer than planned

See you in a week,


This was written by Andy Mitchell