Hi all,

Apologies for the slight delay in getting this ready, things have been hectic over here. Fortunately, it came just at the right time as I believe Gmail has just upgraded again, so this version can fix the problems that arose.

Right, this is for all intents & purposes the final 2.0 release of GTDInbox. Awesome πŸ™‚ I’m sure they’ll be one more patch before I upload to Mozilla, but I wanted everyone here to get at it right now.

As per usual, you can download it from http://gtdinbox.com/changelog.htm (press F5 if you don’t see 2.0.0), discuss it on the forum or email me.

What’s changed? Well, I fixed all the major problems, touched up the UI in a few places, implemented some of the good suggestions that have been coming in, and basically tried to round it out.

I’ll be doing a proper release either Tuesday or Wednesday next week, I hope a few of you will be around then to welcome the newcomers with me πŸ™‚

Update 15/03/2008
You might notice the blog (and ProductiveFirefox.com in general) has had a bit of a face lift. Paul Thompson (aka CaptBunzo) informed me that I was letting the side down with sloppy design workmanship so I took myself to task and gave it a lick of paint πŸ˜‰ Cheers Paul!


This was written by Andy Mitchell