2.0.1 – I hope – is the public release! There have been lots of little tweaks and bug fixes (see http://gtdinbox.com/changelog.htm).

Unlike before, it can now be downloaded direct from Mozilla, but there is a little proviso. It is currently sandboxed, which means you need to log in to get it. So, you need to,

We need to make it public, which means it needs your reviews!
So, once you’ve signed in, please rate the extension (be kind! – well, be fair – it’s a permanent record 😉 ) by clicking ‘Add Review’ near the bottom of the https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3209

I appreciate this is a bit of a chore – I’m actually really surprised how clunky a process this still is – but your reviews are a requirement to getting the new release accepted, so it is really appreciated.

Thanks everyone,

Update 17/03/2008
I meant to add, Jim Passmore delved into the code and fixed up some Review bugs – including one that was especially stupid (I’d some how calculated 3 months as 63 days… I know I know). So thank you Jim!


This was written by Andy Mitchell