Ok, I hold my hands up, the handful of kindly beta testers with system glitches scaled rather badly into more than a handful of angry users! It’s largely thanks to Jack (jpnelson40 on the forum) that I figured out a potential cause of the problems. You’ll notice I said potential there… I still cannot replicate the actual issue myself, but I have a hunch that a change I made prior to 2.0.1 – ironically to increase robustness ahead of the public release – could well have made it less stable. I’m feeling rather foolish right now 🙂

So to make ammends, I’ve got a (fairly extensive) patch release here, and I hope it does the job.
Broadly speaking, it is attempting to fix the ‘Oops… system encountered an error’ problem, muting unwanted beta debugging messages, and disabling Korean language support which must have been irritating the living daylights out of our Korean friends 😉

Download it from http://gtdinbox.com/gtdinbox_2-0-2.xpi, discuss it over in the forum, or email me!

(By the way, I’m up against the clock to get this out – there are more updates to come soon – but right now I wanted to address the show stopping issues. If you don’t have any issues, you might want to wait until you upgrade).


This was written by Andy Mitchell