Over the coming week I will be principally addressing the core of GTDInbox. For some highly complex reason (complex in the sense it’s not easily repeatable), GTDInbox sometimes causes the ‘Oops..’ error in Gmail. Actually I cannot even prove this, it may not be GTDInbox, but in the name of getting things done I will still analyse it fully!

This will be followed by looking into the most obvious usability improvements. This means a better dashboard, more feedback on what you’re seeing and less space usage – all with the intent of making it faster & easier to interact with.

I’ve asked a friend within the Gmail team about the timeline for a better Gmonkey API. If such an API can be provided, it means GTDInbox will be more stable, more maintainable, and thus can be more confident in building exciting new features. Fingers crossed for good news there.

The Pro account for donators is currently in active development, and I’m hoping to see something tangible for that soon.

And the future… well the future is really based on really thinking out the modern problems and solutions to the email inbox. Email isn’t going away anytime soon, and so we really should be focusing on taking brave steps to fix it; not simply replace it. GTDInbox should be a pioneer in improving our inboxes.

All ideas for future development should ideally go into the forum (blog comments are not the best place – they get forgotten!), specifically the Feature Requests board. Obviously I only have my own personal experiences on email (see Fixing Email), so all our contributions are very welcome in the ongoing discussion.


This was written by Andy Mitchell