I’ve just had a spark of an idea I want to mention. GTDInbox will always be a niche product – a Firefox addon that only works with Gmail – but to speak of it like that misses a bigger idea. GTDInbox is small, light and independant; and so it has the power to innovate in a way that a mainstream app cannot. It’s that innovation I want to really focus on in creating and debating GTDInbox. And later, if any onlookers think they can take some of the better concepts and make them work in other mail apps (like Outlook) – or if the ideas were adopted by mainstream applications (like Gmail itself) – that would be a truly fantastic outcome to all our endeavours.

There’s no real point to this post, other than a desire to convey the thought that we – our little community here – should almost consider it a duty to be creative with how we grow GTDInbox.

I’ll follow up in a few days with some new posts that try once again to get to the bottom of the problem with email, so that we can sharpen our collective mindset on how to fix it – all input will be very welcome!


This was written by Andy Mitchell