Hi all,

Just got back from a two day break with Sarah to discover Gmail has changed again. That was shockingly bad timing 🙁 I’ll do what I can to have it fixed by the end of today.

I still believe we only see a bad Gmail change once a month; and they normally only take a few hours to address. (Most other problems are created by the fact I’m in a constant development cycle, so bugs do sometimes slip in.)

I understand that at least 500 of you lived through the 3 month beta programme – for which your feedback and patience was truly valuable – but you now demand a more relaxed, bug-free experience. Therefore, stability is the current #1 priority and will continue to be so in the very long term.

Unfortunately, and this isn’t a glib excuse, the truth is that GTDInbox really does bind tightly to Gmail – to do things like ‘preview’ requires some very complex coding – and hence it’s more sensitive to changes in Gmail’s core. I will try to isolate this better, so that if any part of GTDInbox fails in the future, it doesn’t bring the whole app down.
With regards to that complexity… in the very long term, I’ve given the Gmail guys a wishlist for an API that would make GTDInbox – and other Gmail Firefox addons – much more stable (and more powerful). Fingers crossed for that happening.

Everytime an update like this has to be done, I look for common patterns that would make GTDInbox respond to unforseen changes better in the future. I.e. theoretically the situation is improving. However, the best fix is still for me (or someone else who understands the code) to be on hand when the problems start so they can be fixed asap, and then pushed to the blog.

In summary? I’m doing my utmost to create a rock solid and adaptive foundation for GTDInbox so we can begin to build out the very cool features in the pipeline (both those suggested in the forum and the internal plans). And I’m listening!


This was written by Andy Mitchell