It looks like an oft-rumoured/requested Google Task List is on the cards, which can only be good news. For one, I hope it will establish a ‘standard’ UI for task/calendar integration that we can adapt with GTDInbox.

It also clearly defines the role of GTDInbox. Common tasks can be handled by Google Tasks or RTM (RememberTheMilk), and inbox tasks (and general inbox management) can become the main role of GTDInbox.

The latest coverage (and the reason for this post), is TechCrunch’s blog post, I’m not sure if it’s regular TC negative commenters, but I find it quite interesting that people are declaring task management in Gmail to be a forgotten problem. It’s probably more RTM’s issue than ours, but I still see value in Google doing this; because they make ubiqituous tools. A pure task management tool is only useful if you can access it wherever you go. It’ll be even better if it has an API that we can easily manipulate (hint hint) 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell