I wanted to take a moment to give everyone an update on what’s happening over here. There is a temporary blip to development as I’ve had to go back to 45 hour/week client work, which has frustrated development on GTDInbox. This shouldn’t last more than another week and things will return to normal.

GTDInbox itself appears to continue to have an issue when certain other extensions are installed, on Firefox 3. I’m not sure if this is a Firefox 3 issue; but I’m trying a series of different ideas to resolve it. Meanwhile, with the help of Máté Rémiás I’ve been working on the update announcement/install procedure to make the frequent improvements easier to swallow!

Another thing I want to do before going much further is tweak the websites. I want GTDInbox to have its own blog, because soon there will plenty of stuff to discuss re: inbox/email innovation. I want ProductiveFirefox.com (or maybe a rename to ProductiveFox.com) to be simplified to a basic hub, connecting the various product websites, blogs and of course, the dear old forum. And I’m interested in pursuing a simple blog to shine a light on the world of Firefox addons, more of which in a new blog post (I’ll be looking for really passionate/knowledgeable people to help with this!).
The basic point of all the website shuffling is to increase the effectiveness of communication/discussion within our community; and decrease any complexity between the websites. Hopefully all that should be done within a day or two (of commencing it, that is!).

Once the combined shackles of ineffective websites and clunky GTDInbox updates are dealt with; things will hopefully get really exciting as we discuss and implement some real innovations for inbox and task management.


This was written by Andy Mitchell