Things might be going a little slower than normal (see the last post), but a new version is ready all the same!

GTDInbox 2.0.7 first and foremost fixes the latest Gmail change that was starting to affect some users (all labels were categorised under ‘Misc’). But, it also continues the work that began in 2.0.6 to make it a little more responsive to problems. It is better at informing you when updates are ready, it can notify you if it detects any common internal problems with Gmail (e.g. failing previews, label renaming not working) and advise you how to fix them, and I fixed several bugs with label rules (e.g. if you remove S/Next Action, it now strips the star; and if you turn an Action into Next Action it will work in all cases, and a few other bugs that were blighting it). I haven’t yet fully cracked the FF3b/RTM (acronyms ahoy!) issue, but now only preview/auto-label is affected – i.e. you can now continue to modify labels using the Inbox Popup (right click in the inbox).

You can install it straight into Firefox over at

As ever, please head over to the forum to discuss any issues or ideas!

I meant to say a huge thanks to Sebastian Stadil. I wasn’t actually able to experience the bug that was ruining Labels for lots of people, but Sebastian patiently went through the diagnosing process on my behalf, and essentially is the only reason GTDInbox got fixed so fast, so thank you Sebastian!

Update 17/04/2008
For those of you who want a direct link, try


This was written by Andy Mitchell