It’s no secret that I think GTDInbox and RememberTheMilk work well together, with GTDInbox providing much needed structure and faster handling to the inbox; and RememberTheMilk for general tasks.

However, it seems our two addons fight over the same bit of territory in Gmail. Prior to 2.0.7, that meant GTDInbox lost out, and for affected users Preview/AutoLabel would not work. I thought I’d fixed it in 2.0.7, and indeed, I made GTDInbox more stable; but broke RTM in the process.

I’ve emailed RTM several times to try and resolve this. GTDInbox is open source, but RTM encrypts their code. Therefore I’m very much fighting the issue blind. Unfortunately, right now RTM do not wish to let me look at their code, or nor does it seem fixing the issue is a high priority for them. I hope this will change, but regardless, with the release of an improved Gmail API all problems should vanish anyway.

In the meantime, as of 2.0.8 (coming soon) I’ve added a new option to GTDInbox. You will be able to choose whether GTDInbox is dominant (and more stable); or whether it plays second fiddle to other addons, making them more likely to work; but at the expense of possibly losing the Preview/AutoLabel features.

I apologise again for the slower rate of development, I still have another few weeks of intense client work – but I managed to squeeze in time over the weekend; so I hope to get the next release out this week!

Update 28/04/2008
John Wilson, a well-known former London VC has a more personal take on this situation over at Remember The Milk’s Gone Sour


This was written by Andy Mitchell