Ok, I was lucky (which meant Sarah was good enough to grant me time off for good behaviour) to sneak some extra hours into GTDInbox, to compensate for the time lost to handling clients. And I’m even more pleased to say, this is a pretty big update.

Most significantly, the contentious Dashboard has been removed. Many of you said it took too much space; so I replaced it with a drop down menu instead (props to Paul Thompson/captbunzo for further refining the UI design). Next, I made Reviews (aka saved searches) fully customisable – and even use some special sauce not normally available in Gmail (such as relative time to the current date) – so you can create your own. Finally – and perhaps most significantly for many of you – we finally patched up problems with other addons (and added some advanced options to make sure that you have greater control over GTDInbox’s behaviour in future).

Oh, and the single coolest addition? You can double click stuff! So, when processing your inbox, you can double click the GTD icon (on each row) to Finish it and double right click to Delete it (or shift + double left click to Delete it).
And when you toggle labels using GTDInbox (e.g. add S/Action to a thread), if you double click rather than single click, it’ll toggle the label and then auto-archive it. So you add project/context/reference labels, then double click on S/Action to apply the status and move it out your inbox.

You can download from http://gtdinbox.com/#install or download direct from (http://gtdinbox.com/gtdinbox_2-0-8-1.xpi).

(Additional props go to Máté Rémiás who was very helpful in pre-release testing and pinpointing problems with other addons – cheers Máté!).

Update #1 01/05/2008
Hold on to your horses! It looks like there is a small glitch here where the default Reviews are not added (+ Betty is having some Label display problems I’m investigating). will roll shortly…

Update #2 01/05/2008
Okay, is ready. Sorry to those of you who just downloaded 2.0.8, I only noticed the glitch when Betty emailed!


This was written by Andy Mitchell