Over the last few weeks I’ve been squeezing in functionality updates where I can; and something interesting is starting to happen… GTDInbox feels like it has undergone a ‘step change’ improvement, and it’s noticeably more powerful. So, the next release will be 2.1, and I hope it’ll be the last major visible design modification GTDInbox has (of existing features).

I’m not quite sure when it will be ready – the development version is a pretty ugly right now! But I’m hoping soon. I’m aware that in recent releases GTDInbox has continued to essentially be a beta product, and is still a little rough around the edges (although I like to think it’s getting better!). So, as of 2.1, I want to properly split GTDInbox into 2 streams – a ‘stable’ release stream, and a ‘development’ release stream. So people who want to experiment and take risks with it can; and those who just want a peaceful existence can do so more easily. (Props to captbunzo for busting my chops on this).

As 2.1 begins to stabilise, I’ll start doing some previews of the new functionality – I hope you can wait until then!


This was written by Andy Mitchell