(Apologies to forum users, you’ve already got this update… nothing new just yet!).

Please find the (slightly overdue) patch to make GTDInbox work with Firefox 3 RC1 (and all later updates to Firefox 3). Huge plaudits to Sean Buscay (who saved me many hours) and Captbunzo for getting a patch out faster than me; I essentially rolled their work into this one.

I also made it install better for new users, as this version will be going up on Mozilla (who recently have been extending a warm hand our way, I’m pleased to report!). Specifically, when you install it will successfully add Status labels and get itself running at 100%; and if you ever delete your Status labels; you can click an ‘Install’ button in the Edit Labels screen.

I’m still officially ‘underground’ but if anyone has urgent requests, don’t hesitate to email me (I know some of you have been doing). GTDInbox 2.1 is still pushing forward and I’m loving it; but it’s such a big update that it’s going to need some polish.

You can download from http://gtdinbox.com/#install or download direct from (http://gtdinbox.com/gtdinbox_2-0-8-2.xpi).

All the best,


This was written by Andy Mitchell