“Erk”, is all I can say right now. Please read on!

Yesterday I started to spot forum/email and chat messages indicating a new Gmail change sweeping through the userbase. The problem was most irritatingly manifesting itself as the Welcome screen reappearing. With the help of Harvey Bock, Frank Schneider and as ever, Paul Thompson aka Captbunzo (who went as far as to give me access to his Gmail, which was key in fixing the problems!), the Welcome screen issue is now resolved.

So that’s the good. The bad is, it would appear that for the most part, Preview/Auto-Label has died. I’m not sure why this is yet, but I’ll begin looking into this in earnest over the coming days. I’m concerned, though, that it is serious, ugly even….

You see GTDInbox 2.1 has been steadily progressing for over a month now. It’s much much more useful, but it relies more heavily than ever on close access to Gmail. I’m deeply unsettled that the thing that has broken has broken 2.1, and isn’t in anyway easy to remedy 🙁

So here we are. Please download to deal with the Welcome Screen, and wish me luck while I set about figuring out how to resurrect Preview/Auto-Label and ultimately 2.1.


This was written by Andy Mitchell