Hi everyone,

I gather Gmail has fluttered and broken for some people (and probably more to follow!). It’s not yet affecting me, so if anyone is affected and can help me fix it, please send an email (with screenshots!). It would be super helpful if you also feel confident testing extensions.

2.1 has had a temporary set-back, purely due to my crazy time constraints, but it’s still very much in progress. Amongst other things – like better contact handling, file lookups, better UI, etc – it also fixes the problems with Auto-Labelling and Preview that afflict some users in the 2.0.* range (a total re-write).

As 2.1 is still at least two weeks away; I’m proposing to release a 2.0.9 that will be a bit of a step back, but should be more stable. It will (temporarily) disable auto-labelling, attempt to patch up Previewing, and fix whatever the current issue that is affecting some users.
I appreciate it’s a pain to experience a loss of functionality, but to make up for it I will share the very first preview of 2.1 with all of us on the blog and in the forum the second it becomes remotely stable.

I have asked one of the really helpful guys inside Gmail to see if I can get priority access to Gmail updates; which means I’ll feel any GTDInbox problems the second they happen (rather than facing a lag, like I do now).

Eta for 2.0.9: Friday 18th July!
Please do get in touch if you’re suffering problems and feel confident helping me tackle them!



This was written by Andy Mitchell