As promised, here’s the latest update. It’s kind of an interim to 2.1, but roughly here is what has improved:

* More robust. Preview and other functions should work consistently. It should also load properly everytime.
* Lighter. Load time has been improved; less resource intensive as it runs.
* Preview multiple messages in a thread – you can now scroll between them.
* The UI has changed for adding/removing labels, using much tidier drop downs.
* Pre-labelling has been temporarily disabled. Might sneak this back in during a patch update.

    So what is still to do? Well, the UI hasn’t been given enough attention. I hope to (pay a professional to) fix that up, but it will be during the 2.1 beta period. Other than that, it’s pressing on to 2.1.

    A quick recap since there will be some new faces here, of things that aren’t so obvious about GTDInbox:

    * You can right click labels and names to get a menu with additional browsing/retrieval options.
    * You can double click the GTD icon in the inbox/search-results, and it will archive the message (double right click will delete it).
    * You can ‘bump’ a message using the regular Gmail drop-down when viewing a thread/conversation. This will send a message back to the top of your inbox.
    * In the inbox (or search results), when you right click to bring up the Preview box, if you double click a status label, it will apply it and then archive the message. So, you can right click to bring the Preview up, then double click Action to mark it as an action and archive it.

      I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has written and donated. I’m still trying to balance my time better, and haven’t been able to reply to everyone; but every message has been read. I will endeavour to get back to everyone eventually, but – as we no doubt all know! – emails tend to come in faster than they get dealt with. GTDInbox should really do some magic for that 🙂

      Ok, so here it is: GTDInbox 2.0.9b1
      How to install? You need to open the file with Firefox (either download it to your computer first, or just open it direct from this page); and Firefox should begin the install straight away.

      I’m going to Cornwall this weekend for two days of rest, but I’ll be back on Monday and I’ll upload to Mozilla then (with any issues dealt with!). You may wish to wait until then to get it (it will update automatically).


      This was written by Andy Mitchell