I’ve just finished, which addresses a few bugs. There’s no new functionality (that was pushed back to to allow me to get these bugs fixed more quickly!), but that will come in the next few weeks.

So, the bugs fixed include making ‘Modify Reviews’ fully operational again (thanks to quite a few of you!), making GTDInbox work with ‘Quick Links’ (from Labs) (thanks Jose), moving the ‘Hipster Print’ before ‘Delete’ (thanks Nathan and others),  and to make it better behave with Status labels on upgrading (thanks Frank). I also had a stab at fixing the ‘GTDInbox Failed to Load’, but I’m really not sure what is causing that. And, before I forget, I had a go at making GTDInbox work more nicely with Better Gmail’s Macros, by making it load after other addons. Let me know if that worked.

Just on the ‘GTDInbox Failed to Load’ issue, @filmil from the forums had a great answer (http://forum.productivefirefox.com/index.php?topic=517.15). In a nutshell, he advised resetting GTDInbox’s settings. To do this,
1) Close Gmail
2) In the address bar, type ‘about:config’ (without quotes) and agree to the warning
3) Search for ‘gtdinbox.settings’ (without quotes)
4) Right click it, and select ‘Reset’ (all GTDInbox settings will be lost!)
5) Reload Gmail
6) Load the Options and make sure your Prefixes and Default Status labels are correct
The truth is, I don’t know what causes it; but some users (like Palo) are reporting this helped. Hopefully has addressed it itself.

In the next release (, I will endeavour to fix the problem where Preview sometimes doesn’t work and improve the Options to give you more control over GTDInbox. Maybe this is the version where I’ll successfully get the Pro account in!

Ok, you can download the latest version by going to Install GTDInbox and clicking the green install button.


This was written by Andy Mitchell