The new GTDInbox is ready! Alas, no significant new features; but plenty of useful tweaks and a little more control over things.

Stability Updates
Preview should now work solidly on every email. This has never been possible before; but I tried a new technique and it is much more fool proof than the earlier methods.

We’ve got much better at bulk actions (using the More Actions dropdown). Again, there’s a new technique at work here; and it makes it much faster/more-robust at changing the Status on lots of messages at once.

The Modify Reviews screen is fully working again, including the ability to move things up & down (Thanks to André Branco).

Clicking Finished now removes all Status labels (that bug was introduced by a performance enchancement in, that now works correctly!).

The button shifting problem (noted in the forum), where the ‘Finished’ button got in the way, has been remedied by making it load faster.

Functional Improvements
I hope you’ll like this one! The Options have been improved to give you a lot more control of the UI. You can now choose which parts of GTDInbox you want to use (and hide the rest); as well as changing the label selectors from drop downs to inline (a lot of people have requested this at various times).
This sets us up nicely for the future by allowing more features to be added without overloading everyone’s screen.

A special thank you goes to Tim Lindsey, who probably holds the record for the largest number of consecutive, substantial donations (huge thanks Tim!); as well as being trusting enough to give me his personal account password in order to try and thwart the ‘Failed to Load’ problem. (On that note, I still don’t know what is causing it; it’s very strange; but the fix is in the last blog post).

Where next? There may be a release (it really depends on the status of the Pro account), but I’ve now got everything I wanted out of the way to usher in 2.1. All the news and announcements will come through this blog!



This was written by Andy Mitchell