Just a quick announcement, GTDInbox is ready as a beta release for the blog. There’s no new functionality, but it was due some bug fixes.

Thanks to Jim Passmore for keeping an eye on ongoing bugs, and Nathan Sudds for a few recent pointers!

Things fixed in
1) Make sure it installs ok (was grey-screening it)
2) Make Options work properly (again, grey-screening it)
3) Question whether to install Status labels on new accounts (some accounts don’t want to be GTD!)
4) Make sure Finish works when you double click
5) STOP “GTDINBOX FAILED TO LOAD” (capitals here because it was such a pain, and I think it’s under control… touch wood)
6) Make sure Reply to Self always shows who it is sending the message too (just in case it develops a bug)
7) Ensure the ‘More Actions’ menu works even when invoked with a keyboard shortcut (.)
8 ) Make the colour box on the Labels always show (may still fail if label nesting too deep)

I tried to look into some problems reported on the forum, but could not replicate them. Any ideas are welcome.
* Hipster Print has weird results with Context or multiple accounts (worked fine in every condition for me).

Ok, coming in (due within 2 weeks):
1) Add Unread email as an inbuilt Modify Reviews
2) Make Statuses & Recent Projects dropdown/inline an Option (like the other types of label)
3) Add ‘Remove All Labels’ to the More Actions drop down and the popup
4) Option to disable Labels box modification (if want to use Folders4Gmail)
5) Option to hide labels dropdown after adding/removing a label (rather than staying open)
6) Correct Status counts in Labels box
7) Make sure colour boxes stay in place even with nested labels
8 ) Add new Label types (more like ‘Statuses’ ‘Contexts’ etc.)
9) Do more to backup/share Modify Reviews
10) In More Actions, add the ability to Delete and Move Next

You can download direct from http://gtdinbox.com/gtdinbox_2-0-9-3b1.xpi


This was written by Andy Mitchell