The second beta of GTDInbox is ready right now!

Download it from
(Apologies I haven’t automated this part of the update just yet, Máté Rémiás has suggested it and I agree it would be handy for beta releases).

I sneaked a few things I was going to put into into this release, including:

1) Fixed Bug: When load Options, the screen greys out
2) Fixed Bug: When click Finished for many items on ‘More Actions’ it fails to archive them.
3) Add Unread email as an inbuilt Modify Reviews
4) Make Statuses & Recent Projects switchable between inline/drop-down menus (see UI options)
5) Hide labels dropdown after clicking to add/remove a label (rather than staying open) (see UI options)
6) Fixed Bug: Make sure Label’s colour boxes stay in place even with long, nested label names

More to come soon!


This was written by Andy Mitchell