This is a bit of a special release, because it’s quite a leap. It’s still far from 2.1, but I really like where this has gone.

I’m actually leaving for a short break (Spain!) in an hour, but I wanted to share this before I went. It’s only a beta, and there’s lots of new stuff, so use it at your peril, but so far it’s been okay for me.

Code Refactor
I tidied up some of the label add/removing code, which you make adding/removing labels both faster and more consistent (as well as more maintainable in the future) when you right click an email in the ThreadList (e.g. Inbox). The real aim here was to make it that little bit easier to add Statuses and other labels to your messages before archiving them (Did you know you can double click a label in that Preview box to apply the label and archive the message? Useful for applying Statuses and archiving much faster).

More Actions Menu
Has some new tricks! You can now Remove All Labels from selected threads, or in a conversation, you can “Delete and Move Next”.

Multiple Label Categories
You are no longer contrained to just Statuses/Projects/etc.! Using the settings, you can now add your own label types (e.g. “Focus” with the prefix F/).

Options has Moved Home
GTDInbox Options are now part of Gmail Settings, as a new tab. That has made it much easier to find, use and extend.

Search Filter Box
Next to Gmail’s Search Box there is now a (fully customisable – see Settings) filter box. For example, you can choose to apply your search text just to Files, or People, or within the Last Week, or just to Actions, or maybe just within Sent Items.

Label Box Action Count
I haven’t got a good name for this, but it is definitely the best new feature! Often asked for in the forums, I was always concerned it would either confuse people or be too slow. I found a way to do it quickly, and I’m happy to say I was wrong, not only if it very intuitive, it makes the world of difference to task-management. You can now see – by glancing at the Labels box – has many actions you have outstanding (for each Status), or how many Projects/Contexts have outstanding actions; just as before it showed you unread emails. (For the record, in the case of a Project, e.g. P/GTDInbox, it will show you #actions+#unread. So, if it had 3 unread, and 2 statuses applied; it would show you P/GTDInbox [5]).

You may be wondering what the status is on 2.1 and the Pro account…
The Pro account is about 80% complete. We need to buy a new server, move the system over to it, and hook it into GTDInbox. The Pro developer is currently focused elsewhere, but he should be able to help us again in about a month. I’m sorry this has dragged out, I really want to start using it myself; but in the meantime GTDInbox development is bounding forward!

2.1 is underway – I’d estimate about 70% implemented. To be honest, lots of bits and pieces that were going to be unveiled as 2.1 are sneaking into the 2.0.9/2.0.10 builds, they’re just too tempting; but there is more cool stuff in the wings. It is really focused on closing loops and managing all active ‘things’ in your inbox. So, it goes a long way to help you decide what to pay attention to, and when you attempt to close one loop, to ensure it really is closed. It adds quite a bit to the UI, so I’d love pay bring in our old designer again to make it appealing and useable. If you’d like to take part in making that happen, donations are really appreciated right now – just scoot over to the Donations page (if you like the way GTDInbox is going of course!).

And finally, you can download GTDInbox 2.0.10b1, by going to and clicking ‘Install 2.0.10 Beta 1’.


This was written by Andy Mitchell