Here’s the final release of 2.0.10. I patched up the errors that stopped the conversation label selectors working, slightly improved loading performance, added News straight from this blog, fixed a bug on the ‘More Actions’ menu and ensured the Message Popup works when you are viewing labels. All very minor, but it should be a much smoother experience now.

Can you give it a whirl and email me directly if you find any problems. If everything goes well here, I’ll upload it to Mozilla on Monday.

To install it, just go to and choose “Install GTDInbox 2.0.10 RC”

I’m going to take tomorrow to do some work on 2.1 … I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. There is a very clear plan in place now for what shape it will take (so far GTDInbox’s growth has been very organic – often rewriting the same bit of functionality as improved ways of working are found).

Oh, and did you know it’s over 2 years since the very first – very primitive – GTDInbox was released?! We’ve come a very long way since that first effort, when I had no idea if there was even an appetite for a simple customer-service app built over Gmail. Of course lots and lots of you have subsequently decided there was, and we’re now pushing things into very cool and definitely unchartered territories, in the name of ‘taming the inbox’. Thanks everyone and here’s to a bright future!


This was written by Andy Mitchell