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(Be sure to click the lower link for 2.0.11, not the main green button).

This is a pretty major update… but it’s not that easy to tell!

It’s basically running on the brand new GTDInbox 2.1 engine (the final iteration); but with none of the new features. I thought it worthy of a release, because while 2.1 is about to enter beta, the mainstream users will want more speed and stability now.

So, lots of useless code has been removed. Infact 100kb of the downloadable size (and about 300kb internally) – which means GTDInbox’s load times are faster (which in turn means Firefox and Gmail load faster). A lot of major routines have been completely rewritten, yielding about a 50% increase in speed and the same again for memory-usage reduction. You should also notice the Preview box (and the label select box in the Conversation view) load much faster. Finally, all bugs I could find have been fixed, and it is even more friendly toward Gmail’s servers.

So, all round a pretty invisible improvement; but a big improvement nonetheless! Your computer, Firefox and general productivity will be thankful 😉

Let me know if you face any issues with the upgrade.

PS A few bits have been tweaked. The Preview icon double-click shortcuts have changed; the Related functionality when you right-click a label/contact has been dropped. Both weren’t working right before, so I hope no one will mind the inconvenience. They’re both due to return in far superior forms in the imminent 2.1 beta.


This was written by Andy Mitchell