… and have a big impact on its future?

Yesterday I emailed all previous donators to invite them to try an alpha of GTDInbox 2.1, which was a great milestone. If you have previously donated, and you haven’t received an email, then first check your spam, and if that fails, drop me an email (andy@gtdinbox.com).

As of 2.1, we have a new motto: “Control email overload“, and a new core idea: that “emails are either badly formatted tasks/resources or junk“. Therefore we need something better than a traditional email client to solve the problems of email. That is GTDInbox’s mission.

It has some very cool new features, including a completely new Dashboard, a brand new Contact/Label browser, an Open-Loop Closer (that shows you, at a glance, your history with the authors of any conversation you view; so you can finish anything you previously promised), and lots more little tweaks and shortcuts.

Now to the meat… we’re running a Fundraiser for 2.1. There are multiple reasons for doing this, but the main one is that we want to do some great stuff with design, usability, and the new plugin architecture that will let us build out lots of interesting and innovative new ideas – the painful part of which is that it is costing more than I ever anticipated. Quite simply, I need the community’s help to get us over this hump.

There is another reason, perhaps equally important, which is that a Fundraiser will demonstrate that there is still real demand for what we’re trying to do here. Warm emails and donations in times gone by are undoubtedly the main reason we’ve made it this far, and I have high hopes that such spirit will prevail.

The good news is that once the Pro plugins are up and running, we’ll be investing those revenues back into creating a robust support infrastructure (including product maintenance) – something we’ve struggled with in the past without any real income. What I mean is, I hope this is the last Fundraiser of this kind we have to do, but right now it is very important.

May I make a deal with you? One that I hope will be very rewarding.
If you can make a donation of over $25 ($50 is actually the target, but I know these are not the best of times) – a crowd sourced investment if you like – I will immediately sort you out with a copy of the alpha of GTDInbox 2.1 and all subsequent updates (including the desired design overhaul) right up until the public launch*. As an extra thank you, I’ll turn that donation into a 1.2x credit against all future Pro Plugin apps (like the Events&Deadlines app, which will be low-cost and will come first). So your $50 would become $60 in credit, on top of the true benefit of just helping us succeed.

The new website, which donators have access too, shows the total we have reached in the Fundraiser. Once the $6,000 is hit, it will be pumped into a major design overhaul, a new server, and to fast-track the first two plugins.

Let’s get things moving!

(Or go via our Donate page)

* The official release date for 2.1 will be in mid-to-late January, 2009


This was written by Andy Mitchell