The recent donations from the community have been very much appreciated (and several hundred people are now using the alpha of GTDInbox 2.1). We haven’t hit the target – yet – but we’re doing really well. If you want to jump in and help see Want to Preview GTDInbox 2.1?

I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on behind the scenes…

Design is a Beauty
Our designer, Pete Lambert, is doing some wonderous work on a new UI. It’s the single most exciting thing I’ve seen so far with GTDInbox. The only downside is it’s quite some time away – we’re going to have to do some heavy updates to accomodate it, but I personally absolutely believe it’s worth it!

Code is Accelerating
Stephen Augenstein – who I hope won’t mind me mentioning this – has voluntarily begun to update the core ‘engine’ (the bit that interfaces with Gmail) of GTDInbox over the winter break. I can certainly say his coding style is much cleaner than the current codebase (which has sprawled somewhat!), and we’re both hoping it’ll prove not only more maintainable but also continue our long-term goal of performance so great you never notice it 😉 We’ll be putting a dedicated page on to showcase the library once it’s baked.

Overall Health? Improving!
Our goal is to make GTDInbox truly indispensable for any Gmail user; and with the help of Pete, Stephen, the community and – I suspect – some people who haven’t even come to the fore yet, we’re on track to do it. As ever, if you have any ideas or feedback, drop me an email.

PS This is long overdue, Andrew Mason – the guy behind one of the finest GTD blogs, – wrote a detailed review/help-guide of GTDInbox a few months ago and I promised to bring it to the community’s attention! So… GTDInbox Review by 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell