Phew 🙂 Ok, that was a tough slog – I had to rewrite some key components to account for Gmail’s new UI – but (I hope) we now have a working pair of releases.

The ‘even better’ news is that we’ve learnt plenty about what can go wrong, so as we prepare major updates to 2.1 we are making it more robust against future Gmail changes.

To upgrade to, just go to and click the green button.

GTDInbox 2.1 testers, I hope you still have your emails with the details on how to download it. Just go to the new website and grab 2.1a2 (again, the green button). If you have donated in the last few days to help us out (and a huge thanks to those who did – it was a great morale booster), you should be getting emails shortly with details on how to access 2.1.

Update (05/2/2009 – 5 mins later)

I wanted to add – a big thanks to everyone who sent supportive emails and posted nice comments on the earlier blog post – the community’s support is, as always, very appreciated.


This was written by Andy Mitchell