It appears there were  a few – much less noticeable – aftershocks to last week’s Gmail update, and GTDInbox was left in a weakened state! I’ve polished it up again, and the downloads are now available.

It’s a little bit of bad timing, because every time I have to patch the current version of GTDInbox, time is taken away from building the major updates (which frustratingly, wouldn’t be so thrown by Gmail’s recent changes – but that’s a frustration I’ll be able to live with once this is all behind us!). Essentially, our resources are a little tight, but we’re cracking on as quickly as we can!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me and commented on the blog about their issues – it helped me get to the bottom of what was going on. As a disclaimer, I think things may continue to be a little shakey for the next few weeks, but I’ll try and get on top of every issue as it appears.

To upgrade to, just go to and click the green button.

GTDInbox 2.1 testers, I hope you still have your emails with the details on how to download it. Just go to the new website and grab 2.1a2 (again, the green button).


This was written by Andy Mitchell