2.1a4 (for donators) and are now ready. They’ve been extensively patched to work with the latest Gmail change (see the previous blog post); and also had a few other rough edges ironed out – for one, I hope the people who have suffered labelling issues will now have an easier life!

To re-iterate an earlier disclaimer; I think that until the latest round of major updates are complete (in GTDInbox – although the same is true of Gmail!), we may continue to have less than 100% stability. I’ll post an update on where we’re at with 2.1 later in the week (but it’s progressing well).

To upgrade to, just go to http://www.gtdinbox.com/ and click the green button.

GTDInbox 2.1 testers, I hope you still have your emails with the details on how to download it. Just go to the new website and grab 2.1a4 (again, the green button).


This was written by Andy Mitchell