I wonder if anyone can help here… if you work for Google or have similar problems, could you get in touch with Mala?

On her blog, she is reporting very alarming behaviour with Gmail: when she tries to log in, she simply gets returned to the login page. It accepts the username/password, and does nothing. Not even an error message to say “wrong password” or “account locked”.

I looked into it on her behalf, and we can reach an RSS feed of her emails – so the account is intact. She just cannot access it!

We also tried POP3 access, but it’s not enabled in her Settings. And we cannot reach them to change them.

Finally we tried accessing it from a different continent (to rule out any local problems), and it had exactly the same behaviour.

For everyone, I think this is a timely reminder that we should always at least have POP3 enabled; and routinely (perhaps once a month), download our inboxes to a local email client (I believe Thunderbird is still the best).


This was written by Andy Mitchell