The 2nd alpha doesn’t appear very significant, so you’ll just have to trust me there are big changes underneath! Those changes are mostly preparing to add the Preferences back in, and that they’re capable of supporting our upcoming mini-plugin system (experimental features galore!). They’re also going to link to our imminent and free ‘GTDInbox Account’ that will let you share Preferences (and other useful data) between machines. But all that’s in the future…

Right now, I’ve attempted to target some of the worst bugs, like not loading or causing Compose/Reply to hang. I’m not 100% of my success with that yet; but critical bugs are obviously top priority in the alpha stage.

I hope – although I can’t say for certain after the setbacks over the last few days – that we might be able to sneek another alpha release out tomorrow (Thursday), but if not there will definitely be one by the weekend. I’ll be able to start focusing on front-end bugs/fixes from tomorrow, so improvements should become more obvious.

Download the new alpha at (it opens with Firefox – you may need to download it to your machine first).


This was written by Andy Mitchell