Grab GTDInbox 3.0 Alpha 3 by clicking the link. If prompted, tell it to open with Firefox. If you have any trouble, download it to your computer first, and use Firefox to click ‘File’ then ‘Open File’ and select the XPI you downloaded.

We’ve focused on stability here, so no UI changes; but it should be much more reliable (I realise I’m asking for trouble saying that!).

In addition to the stability, I concentrated on a key area of the Gmail API (local email management) that will pave the way for faster and more robust future features.

And speaking of those new features… that is the next phase. Next week we’ll be tweaking the UI and finally adding in Preferences (they’ve been a real pain so far).

We’ve got a really clear idea of the overall look & feel we’re now going for – a true ‘task manager’ within Gmail, and as streamlined as possible for handling incoming emails. I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks.

Keep up with little updates on GTDInbox’s Twitter page, and use the blog here for feedback.

Known Issues (as we couldn’t tackle some higher level stuff):
* If a new message arrives, it confuses the Preview popup
* There are some circumstances (like after clicking Archive to move next) where the Labelling Box doesn’t show in a Conversation

PS It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK (as other places I expect), so I won’t be able to reply to any emails until Tuesday.


This was written by Andy Mitchell