GTDInbox 3.0 Alpha 4 is available at

It is mostly performance and robustness improvements, but does include a visual modification to Archive/Move-Next; and how it scrolls through emails in your Inbox and other views. The other major area we tackled was getting it to load at all – quite a few users were simply not seeing anything. I believe this is to do with other extensions in Firefox (it’s not their fault though – just a clash), and I hope we’ve now fixed it. (Please reply here if we haven’t!).

We’re going to get back to a cycle of rapid releases. There was a big gap between Alpha 3 and Alpha 4. There were several reasons for this – mostly to do with ambition and hard-to-find technical problems. To stop it happening again we’re implementing a rule that nothing new gets built until existing bugs are solved.

For the next release (probably Alpha 5), Stephen has been working on a new and improved framework for loading GTDInbox and handling future plugins. Meanwhile Pete & I have been designing visual and usability advances that are now ready to implement. If that all goes well, we’ll be into the Beta releases!


This was written by Andy Mitchell