Thank you to everyone who has commented on the last two posts with feedback on their problems – it was a really great response that has helped identify a few more bugs (whether we’ve really got it right remains to be seen with this release!).

Particular mention goes to Leo Soto who was the first to identify one of the major bugs, and then managed to dig into the code to find a solution.

I also have another reason to be quietly optimistic about this release – Stephen has just finished his major update to the loading framework. As the errors you reported were during the loading process, I am hopeful that his improvements will have fixed them.

So let’s find out shall we?

Get over to now to install GTDInbox 3.0 Alpha 6

(As ever, please continue to report below problems – or successes! – as you see them).

Update: Realised shortly after pushing Alpha 5 that I’d left in a very embarrassing glitch! Just updated it, and it’s now available on the website.


This was written by Andy Mitchell