For some people GTDInbox is refusing to load, but frustratingly, it’s working here.

The good news is, the 3.0 Alpha’s all spit out debugging information, so we may be able to catch the problem.


If you are running GTDInbox 3.0 Alpha 4 and it will not load, you can help! It’s quite easy I promise 🙂

1) Close Gmail tabs

2) Open Firefox’s Error Console (in the Tools menu)

3) In the Error Console, move to the ‘Messages’ tab/button

4) Click Clear to clear the Messages list

5) Go back to the Firefox window, and open Gmail (and log in)

6) Switch back to the Messages list in Error Console. You should start seeing debugging information from GTDInbox.


In normal circumstances, there will be quite a lot. Fortunately, there is only one type of thing you need to look for (and if it’s crashing, there will be much less debugging output as it will stop after the error).

An error will be on multiple lines (one of the only messages that is), and it will have line numbers and stack trace information. This should make it easy to spot in a quick scan.


An example (sent by Leo before), is:

Error in glNavBar: Could not find mainBucketsContainer nodeStack trace:Exception thrown(”Could not find mainBucketsContainer node”,”glNavBar”)@chrome://gtdinbox/content/js/util/debug.js:110([object Object])@chrome://gtdinbox/content/js/gmail/ui/glNavBar.js:73


If you can see anything like this in the Messages list, please add it to the comments.  Once we can diagnose the problem it should be quick to fix.


This was written by Andy Mitchell