It is time for a little catch up on GTDInbox’s product development and how it’s being scheduled.

The top priority right now is to reduce the complexity in how GTDInbox is distributed. We have Mozilla serving a rapidly aging 2.x product, 3.0 is being pushed only on the blog, the main website is out of date, the new website is not yet right; and the forum is frankly a free for all 🙂

Before we can fully make 2.x obsolete, we have to get 3.0 ready for the mainstream – which means hitting Beta. That includes adding Preferences in, bringing back 80% of the features 2.x had, and adding in sufficient help that a beginner can get started.

Once that is launched, it will be trivial to update the website. So, we will have one product, one website, a new kind of forum (the old forum will remain, but will not be actively promoted) and a far easier time releasing new features!

I hope we’ll be at this point sometime next week.

After that, the next product goals are roughly:
* Improve the UI and Workflow (mainly improving interaction and reducing space usage)
* Add additional ways to filter and order threads
* Add Pre-Compose labels back in
* Add a ‘Related’ button

That should take us through to sometime in July!


This was written by Andy Mitchell