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This is not your average blog post… you’ll no doubt be aware that Gmail has released a fairly major new feature, and I believe that has royally broken 2.x.

This has slightly screwed with our timeline. We’re doing a bit of a juggling act between contracting to bring the pennies in, and getting 3.0 to Beta – the bottom line being we were not quite ready to discontinue 2.x but I suspect migration to 3.0 will be the best choice for a lot of people.

So if this is your first foray into the world of GTDInbox 3.0 Alpha (alpha for “it’s really not quite finished yet”), welcome! As a quick introduction, 3.0 is a complete rewrite to be way more flexible (lots of new features coming), faster (!), more stable (!!), and far more useable. The problem with a rewrite is that some features have yet to be reintroduced, and it’s not yet bug free.
If you want a quick catch up, I recommend:
* The post that kicked this all off, Unveiling GTDInbox 3.0 Alpha 1
* A more up to date, Our Plans for the Next Few Versions
* A behind the scenes look at How and Why We Work
* Oh, and we are on Twitter, which we use for the smaller updates that are not blog worthy -> GTDInbox @ Twitter

Back to this new Alpha 9…

We have finally restored the Preferences, this means you can change your prefixes (i.e. you are not forced to use S/ and P/) and your default labels (such as ‘Action’). There’s not much in the way of help yet; so I only recommend you change this if you used to do it back in GTDInbox 2.x. Oh, and the Preferences are now in Firefox, go to the ‘Tools’ menu, then ‘Addons’, find GTDInbox, and click ‘Options’.

Pre-Labelling is back on the Compose screen! It’s a little intermittent right now, but I’ll track down the problems for the next release.

It works on the final release of Firefox 3.5! And it’s *fast*.

To save space, the Dashboard/Label/Contact popup now puts threads on a single line, like Gmail does.

And most crucially, how do we handle Gmails’ new Labels UI? Well, in the sidebar GTDInbox Box, there is a line for each category of labels (Projects, Contexts, Misc, etc. -> may be hidden behind a dropdown arrow). If you mouse over these, they pop out with nicely structured labels. We no longer try to modify Gmail’s own Labels UI (it got very complicated/breakable when they introduced drag and drop); but we may look at supporting drag and drop on our own labels.
Big question here… if you can no longer do something as effectively as you used to, let me know what that is and I will see what I can do.

As this is still an Alpha and I’ve had to release it a little faster than would have been desirable, there are some known issues,
1) As above, the Pre-Label on Compose screen is a little intermittent
2) When you open up Labels via the dropdown (e.g. in the blue Labelling box), and click the scroll bar, it disappears.
3) The new single-line messages in the Popup do not always display correctly.
4) There are some broken spots in the user interface – things need to be more obvious (like using the correct mouse pointer to indicate its clickable).
5) I’ve just realised Options does not appear to be enabled in Firefox 3.5… I will try and find out why.

If you have any problems getting it to load, please check out:
Diagnosing Load Problems

Download GTDInbox Alpha 9 from

Expect those bugs to start getting addressed in the next few days.

(Oh, and thanks to Sam Katakouzinos who was actually the first to post a helpful message to the forum about the new 3.0! Thanks Sam!)


This was written by Andy Mitchell